Quantitative Research

MQO regularly conducts projects using varied quantitative methodologies (telephone, face-to-face, mail, online and mixed modes), involving sample sizes from 400 to 15,000. We offer field services in English and French, with a significant proportion of our interviewing team having bilingual capability. Each year our organization has in excess of 130,000 conversations with Atlantic Canadians. At MQO, we are experts in many areas of quantitative research including public opinion, customer/client satisfaction, attitude measurement and employee engagement, to name a few.

MQO integrates the latest technology into all aspects of the research process. For online, telephone and on-site data collection, we utilize the latest version of Voxco’s Command Centre survey platform, designed specifically for market research. All data collection modes are part of one centralized platform, so no matter how you survey respondents, the data stays housed in the same place.


MQO has two centrally located call centres (Anglophone and Francophone) with approximately 75 English and Bi-lingual interviewers who are highly skilled and trained in data collection methods. Both call centres use Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), which includes audio-recording features and/or real-time audio monitoring tools. Our CATI system is supported by Voxco’s predictive dialing technology.


MQO designs and executes online surveys in-house using the Voxco Online platform, allowing for flexible, intuitive surveys which engage the respondent through the use of varying layout and question options. This in turn provides more accurate data and helps increase response rates for clients, which is essential in online research. The software also includes automatic device detection so the survey renders to the specifications required by the respondent’s device – making it an ideal platform for creating web-based surveys for use on mobile devices or tablets.

MQO conducts online research using client supplied databases and also has partnerships with several online panels containing over 500,000 Canadian panelists.

Mail-back Surveys

MQO develops professional, aesthetically pleasing survey packages that can be mailed across the region. This is an ideal method to reach isolated or difficult-to-reach areas, or are useful for surveys that are particularly complex. This method can also be paired nicely with others (e.g., mail-phone, mail-fax).

On-Site Surveys

On-site interviewing is conducted using tablets and/or mobile phones. Data collection can be conducted offline in situations where no network connection is available. Surveys are easily created with video and audio files embedded into the questionnaire. Responses can also be captured as photo, video or audio files. The MQO team includes a network of highly trained and experienced field staff throughout Canada who conduct in-person, on-site surveys.

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