Qualitative Research

Qualitative research provides us the tools to deliver in-depth answers to clients’ questions. At MQO, we have four moderators on staff and offer moderation services in both English and French. Complementing our qualitative skills, we have professional focus group facilities across the Atlantic region. Tailored to our clients’ needs, MQO has many methods in its qualitative toolbox including in-person focus groups, online focus groups, bulletin boards and in-depth interviews. Areas of specialization include advertising and concept testing, website usability testing, and issue/policy exploration.

Focus Groups

We offer focus group recruitment, moderation and co-ordination services. With numerous senior moderators on staff, MQO conducts over 150 focus groups each year. Many are conducted in-person, however we regularly conduct online focus groups using a chat or presentation based software. Online groups work particularly well in situations where participants are geographically dispersed.

Depth Interviews

MQO has a team of senior researchers who are skilled in depth interview techniques. These interviews can be conducted in-person or via phone, and provide an excellent opportunity to gather detailed information and insight from a specific group of interest.

Online Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are hosted using the Itracks platform. These discussion boards give respondents the ability to log on to the platform over a series of days to provide feedback on a specific topic or issue. This methodology provides great geographic reach and generates rich, qualitative response. A moderator programs a set of questions into the platform, and regularly reviews participants’ responses to add follow-up or probing questions. Bulletin boards work well when the question matter requires detailed consideration by respondents.

Public Consultations

MQO has coordinated and conducted public consultation sessions across Atlantic Canada for both private and public entities. We specialize in creating an environment where the public or audience of interest is comfortable expressing their opinion on a specific issue. There are 3 experienced facilitators on staff, and we offer facilitation services in both English and French.

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