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Analysis and Reporting

a personal touch

Beyond the technologies and terminology, great data collection
is all about asking the right people the right questions at the right time.
Great research, however, takes things a step further. We must analyze and interpret. Gain knowledge from the numbers, if you will. That's why our team employs proven evaluative, statistical and analytical techniques to interpret data. No matter how large or small your project, we always deliver well-structured, reader-friendly reports tailored to your needs.


  • Data Analysts with graduate-level training and expertise in advanced statistics
  • In-house data analysis using SPSS
  • Ability to maximize the value of data through application of statistical techniques - ranging from the simple (e.g., frequencies, means, crosstabs, etc.) to the more complex (regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis, etc.) methods
  • Continuous upgrading of our statistical packages to maintain leading-edge analytical service


  • From short, presentation-style reports to comprehensive, detailed reports - we deliver the results
  • Accurate, reader-friendly reports that are tailored to the reporting needs of our clients
  • Insightful, action-oriented reporting - we transform data into tangible solutions and strategic direction for our clients

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At MQO, we pride ourselves on our commitment to professional quality research and data collection.

We employ quality controls which exceed industry standards, and we are an accredited Gold Seal Member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.