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Understanding your audience helps us interpret the information they provide.

On the surface, research counts the yes’s and no’s, but the real story is in understanding why they are yes’s and no’s in the first place, and how much conviction is behind those answers. To do this effectively, we need to have a broader understanding of how audiences react to all kinds of questions and subjects.

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October 19, 2017

The Gap Between the Governing Liberals and the PC Party Narrows in October

MQO Research’s quarterly poll of 600 residents of New Brunswick gauged the political temperature in the province for this October edition of the quarterly political poll: Atlantic... Read more
October 18, 2017

Liberal Party Maintains Lead While Support for the Green Party Slips in October

MQO Research spoke with 400 residents of Prince Edward Island to gauge the political temperature in the province for the October edition of our quarterly political... Read more

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